Being a Jamaican living in the States, I often think about Jamaica and the things I miss most about living there. I moved to the U.S. as a teenager, but have always kept the love of my country with me.
Though I’m over 1,500 miles away from Jamaica, Connecticut has become home. Here, more immigrants are from Jamaica than any other country, so there’s a very active and dynamic community that makes me feel at home. Whether it’s going to grab Jamaican food at Dunn’s River or Jahm Ske’s in Hartford, competing in netball tournaments, or going to the West Indian Day Parade with my flag to celebrate Jamaican Independence, Hartford holds a special place in my heart and has truly become my little home away from home (except when winter comes!)

I wanted to create candles that reminded me of the things I loved growing up and miss about being in Jamaica. Each candle  represents something special about my island and culture. I can burn Portland Paradise and instantly be brought back to the parish I was born in, and I can light a Julie Mango and Tangerine and remember the days outside, barefoot in the scorching heat with my friends picking mangoes when they’re in season! 

After month and months of testing, I’ve found the perfect blend of fragrances that truly represent and capture the essence ofmy island. Each candle was purposefully curated and handmade, everything from wicking the jars, combining just the right amount of fragrance oils and waxes, to coloring and pouring. I hope that you enjoy them and can have a piece of Jamaica with you in your own home. 


With love,